About Us

London suffers from a severe shortage of options for busy professionals who want to adopt a low-carb or ketogenic diet lifestyle. The only real low carb options are unfulfilling salads or expensive steaks or greasy bacon and sausage breakfasts.

Or you could make your own low carb meals and bring them to work in lunch boxes. But let’s get real. You’re busy making money and trying to make your relationships work. And stop by the gym for some quick high intensity workouts. You just can't be bothered with tiffin boxes with so much going on.

At Masala Keto, we’re passionate about the low carb and ketogenic diets and wanted to create an easy option for delicious and fulfilling meals. Plus we’re Asian (Indian and Filipino) so we like to use herbs and spices in our low carb food.

What’s more - all our meals come in packs that are bar code scannable for those my fitness pal tracking obsessive types.

Meals are prepared fresh daily by executive chef Analyn Argoniso, who has 10 years of experience in the role of executive chef and specialises in diet conscious meals. Operations are run by co-founder Nishant Kapoor, who has over 10 years of experience in the ecommerce industry.